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  • Solvent Based Packing Sealing Adhesive TapeThe solvent based packing sealing adhesive tape is crystal clear and transparent. It uses BOPP film as the backing material to ensure high tensile strength and special solvent based acrylic adhesive to assure high adhesion force. This kind of solvent based BOPP packaging tape is designed for general purpose packaging, light duty carton sealing, and so on.
  • Water Based Packing Sealing Adhesive TapeOur water based packing sealing adhesive tape is ideal for general purpose packaging, and light duty carton sealing as well. This type of packaging tape is classified into Economical, Practical and Special series, and all of them offer high adhesion force due to adoption of quality water based acrylic adhesive.
  • Paper Packing TapeAs its name indicates, the Kraft paper packaging tape adopts Kraft paper as the backing material which is then coated with rubber-based pressure sensitive adhesive. It offers high adhesion force and good resistance to high and low temperatures. So, it is ideal for general purpose packaging and can be used in a wide temperature range. To suit clients' demands, we supply the following types of paper packaging tapes for customers to choose.
  • Stationery Adhesive TapeThe stationery adhesive tape typically uses OPP, PET or Cellophane as the backing material, and the backing material is usually coated with either acrylic adhesive or rubber adhesive. It is commonly used in offices, and is especially popular in schools. We at Shinda mainly offer tapes made using water based acrylic adhesive.

Packing Tape

Most packaging tape adopts oriented polypropylene or BOPP in short as the backing material which is then coated with acrylic adhesives. It can be manufactured into different thickness to satisfy varied carton sealing demands. As BOPP tape features high tensile strength, light weight and low cost, it is one of the most commonly used packing materials used by automatic carton sealing machines.

We at Shinda provide a great variety of packaging tapes for use in heavy, medium and light duty carton sealing, general purpose sealing, and fixing purposes. We also offer products for use in different environmental conditions. To illustrate, we supply solvent based and water based OPP tape, paper packaging tape and stationery adhesive tape.

Shindapack is an experienced packaging tape manufacturer in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including solvent based packing sealing adhesive tape, aluminum foil adhesive tape, electrical insulating tape, and more.

Other Products
  • PVC Plastic Electrical Insulating Tape PVC plastic electrical insulating tape is applicable for jointing and splicing electrical wires and cables for insulation purpose. It is made of PVC film which is coated with rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive on one side.
  • PET Plastic Electrical Insulating TapePET plastic electrical insulating tape is manufactured for insulation and wrapping magnetic coils for electric motor, transformer, and other electrical devices.
    We at Shinda offer A24C and A24D types of electrical tapes. They are ideal for electrical insulating and electronic parts fixation purposes in transformers, motors, capacitors, voltage regulators and other ...
  • Optoelectronics Electrical Insulating TapeWe can offer different types of electrical tape. Except A63PB0 and A63P00 using non-woven film, all our other types of optoelectronics electrical insulating tape use PET film as the backing material which is then coated with acrylic adhesive with high adhesion.
    A54340 and A54610 types are single side adhesive tape usually used as mobile phone ...
  • PVC Industrial Adhesive TapeShinda offers various types of PVC industrial adhesive tape for hazard warning, identification, and pipe wrapping and bundling applications.
    Our A41_03 series industrial tapes include six types and are suitable for traffic warning sign, and pipe wrapping applications.
  • Aluminum Foil Adhesive TapeThe adhesive tape is made using a soft, pliable and shiny aluminum foil coated with water based acrylic adhesive on one side to ensure high adhesion force. It also comes with white release paper liner for tape protection. The product flexibility and strength varies with its thickness. We can offer aluminium foil adhesive tape with varied thickness to meet customers' varied demands.