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EPE foam is a new type of environmental friendly packaging material. It is made from low density polyethylene resin which is physically foamed to generate numerous independent bubbles. As compared with common foam, the expanded polyethylene foam has advantages that it is flexible and durable, and can restore its original shape simply. Meanwhile, it has light weight and high softness, but high plasticity and good impact resistance. Its thermal inductivity is low, so it offers high thermal insulation performance. Its sound insulation is also good. The EPE foam is water and moisture resistant, so it offers high buoyancy force. It is also weather and chemical resistant, so it has super long service life and recyclable.

With above advantages and characteristics, EPE foam is widely used in electronics, instrument, home appliance, medical equipment, hardware, ceramics, furniture, wine, toy, leather shoes, and fruit industries for goods packaging and protection purposes.

Product No. Type Material Thickness (mm)
D11 General EPE foam EPE 0.5
D12 1
D13 2
D14 3
D15 5
D16 6
D17 8
D18 10
D19 12
D110 15
D21 PO coated EPE foam 0.5
D22 1
D23 2
D31 PS board (EPE foam board) 20
D32 25
D33 30
D34 50
D35 >50

Above data are typical values for reference only. For detailed product specifications, please contact us directly.

Usage and Storage Instructions

Shindapack is an experienced EPE foam manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as strapping machine, bubble film, PTFE thread seal tape, and double sided adhesive tape.

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