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Bubble film is primarily made using high pressure polyethylene which is added with additives such as brighteners, etc. and then extruded at a high temperature of approx. 230℃. Through adding different types of additives in the plastic raw material, we can manufacture air bubble film products with antistatic function which are ideal for packaging and protection electronic devices and components.

The packaging material is light weight, odorless, and nontoxic, and offers good transparency. It is commonly used for anti-moisture, buffering and thermal insulation purposes in precision instrument, bicycle, kitchen appliance, furniture, ceramics, and artwork industries. The bubble film can also be made in bags, envelopes, automobile sun shade, and heat insulating materials, to name a few.

Max. width: 1000mm (can be slited or made into bags upon request)
Air bubble interval height: 3mm, 5mm, 10mm

Product No. Type Material Width (cm) Weight (kg) Air bubble diameter Mark
E121 General PE 50 5 Φ10mm
E122 PE 60 5
E123 PE 80 8
E124 PE 100 10
E125 PE 120 10
E126 PE 150 12
E127 PE 180 15
E111 PE 60 5 Φ5mm
E112 PE 100 10
E113 PE 120 10
E114 PE 150 12
E221 White bubble film PE 60 5 Φ10mm Super transparent
E222 PE 100 10
E223 PE 120 5
E41 Bubble film bag PE - - - Bag size is customizable.

Above data are typical values for reference only. For detailed product specifications, please contact us directly.

Usage and Storage Instructions

We are a professional bubble film manufacturer in China. We also provide stretch wrap film, acrylic foam adhesive tape, tissue double sided adhesive tape, electrical insulating tape, and much more.

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