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PTFE Thread Seal Tape

Our PTFE thread seal tape has a wide range of applications, and is most commonly used for pipe thread sealing. Hence, it is also called plumber's tape. To assure convenient pipe thread sealing, the tape is cut into specified widths. Before a pipe is screwed into place, the PTFE tape should be wrapped around the exposed pipe threads. The tape dope has found wide range of applications in central heating system and other pressurized water systems. It is also used in air compression equipment and thread joints with coarse threads.

Product No. Material Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Length (m)
I11 PTFE 12 0.075 5
I12 12 0.075 8
I13 12 0.075 10
I14 12 0.075 12
I15 12 0.1 10
I16 12 0.1 12
I17 1/2" 0.075 260"
I18 1/2" 0.075 520"
I19 1/2" 0.075 10
I110 1/2" 0.075 20
I111 1/2" 0.075 50
I112 13 0.1 15
I113 15 0.1 20
I114 3/4" 0.075 260"
I115 3/4" 0.075 520"
I116 3/4" 0.075 10
I117 3/4" 0.075 20
I118 3/4" 0.075 50
I119 3/4" 0.075 15
I120 1.0" 0.075 260"
I121 1.0" 0.075 520"
I122 1.0" 0.1 50

Above data are typical values for reference only. For detailed product specifications, please contact us directly.

The product is solvent and flame resistant, and provides economical and easy uses. During the production process, no curing time is required. Due to PTFE material's friction resistance, PTFE thread seal tape offers good lubrication function when used for thread sealing in tapered pipes. Therefore, it allows the threads to be screwed together more easily to create the best sealing performance.

PTFE thread seal tape is the optimum solution for sealing tapered threads, where the sealing force is a wedge action. But we don't recommend using the tape for sealing of parallel threads. Usually, the tape is wrapped around the pipe threads for three times to make sure the sealing is tight and leakages can be prevented.
Chemically inert, PTFE tape is safe to be regularly used in the stretching of body piercings. The tape is wrapped around the plugs of wearers, thus gradually increasing the size of the piercing.

Usage and Storage Instructions

As an experienced PTFE thread seal tape manufacturer in China, Shindapack offers a broad range of products that includes PE foam double sided adhesive tape, aluminum foil adhesive tape, PVC surface protection tape, and optoelectronics electrical insulating tape, among others.

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