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PVC Plastic Electrical Insulating Tape

PVC plastic electrical insulating tape is applicable for jointing and splicing electrical wires and cables for insulation purpose. It is made of PVC film which is coated with rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive on one side.

Performance Parameters
Product No. Backing Material Thickness (mm/mils) Adhesion (kg/cm/ oz/in) Elongation (%) Tensile strength (kg/cm/ lbs/in)
A21L03 PVC 0.12 /4.73 0.16 /14.29 150 1.8 /10.08
A21L43 0.12 /4.73 0.09 /8.04 150 1.8 /10.08
A21L23 0.12 /4.73 0.16 /14.29 150 1.8 /10.08
A21X03 0.12 /4.73 0.16 /14.29 130 1.8 /10.08
A21A03 0.13 /5.12 0.18 /16.08 150 1.9 /10.64
A21Y03 0.12 /4.73 0.16 /14.29 130 1.8 /10.08
A21103 0.18 /7.09 0.16 /14.29 200 2.6 /14.56
A21503 0.18 /7.09 0.16 /14.29 200 2.6 /14.56
A21D13 0.20 /7.86 0.09 /8.04 200 3.0 /16.80
A21T03 0.12 /4.73 0.18 /16.08 150 1.6 /8.96
A21W53 0.12 /4.73 0.18 /16.08 150 1.6 /8.96
A21903 0.13 /5.12 0.16 /14.29 200 2.5 /14
A21303 0.19 /7.48 0.16 /14.29 170 2.6 /14.56
A21403 0.19 /7.48 0.16 /14.29 200 2.6 /14.56
A21B13 0.19 /7.48 0.09 /8.04 200 3.0 /16.80
A21C13 0.20 /7.86 0.09 /8.04 200 3.0 /16.80

Above data are typical values for reference only. For detailed product specifications, please contact us directly. (Weight and Thickness tolerance: ±10%,Width tolerance:±3mm,Length tolerance:Cut Roll±0.3m,Jumbo Roll ±0.5%)

Following is a general description on our different types of products. A21L03 and A21L43 matte finish electrical tapes are flame retardant and contain low lead and cadmium. They are ideal for use in jointing and wrapping electrical wires for automotive and motorcycle industries.

A21L23 PVC plastic electrical insulating tape is used to joint and bound wires for machines. With low lead and cadmium, it offers superior insulating performance.

A21X03 is also ideal for electrical wire jointing and wrapping for machines, and it is manufactured with matte finish.

A21A03 PVC electrical tape is generally used to join and splice wires and cables for electrical insulation, and offers matte finish.

A21Y03 is flame retardant and comes with matte finish. It can be used to joint and wrapping electrical wires and cables in automotive and motorcycle industry.

A21103 and A21503 matte finish tapes are UL certified and are used for general electrical insulation applications. Additionally, A21503 is flame retardant.

A21D13, A21B13, and A21C13 PVC plastic electrical insulating tapes are used for degaussing coil, and comply with UL and Canadian CSA standards. They are flame retardant. A21D13 comes with matte finish, while A21B13 and A21C13 come with glossy finish and are cold resistant as well.

A21T03, A21W53, A21903, A21403, and A21303 electrical tapes with glossy finish are extensively used to general electrical insulation purposes. A21403 is additionally cold resistant.

Usage and Storage Instructions

As a China-based PVC plastic electrical insulating tape manufacturer and supplier, Shindapack offers a broad range of products that includes industrial tape, double sided adhesive tape, packing tape, and surface protection tape, among others.

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