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Kraft Paper Industrial Adhesive Tape

Kraft paper industrial adhesive tape is mainly used for bonding the insulation foam on the condensing pipe of refrigerators and freezers. With strong self-adhesive force, it is also used in paper making and fireworks industries.

We can offer three types of products. All use double layer Kraft paper as the backing material which is then coated with rubber pressure sensitive adhesive with high adhesion. The Kraft paper adhesive tape is resistant to high and low temperatures.

Performance Specifications
Product No. Backing Thickness (mm/mils) x39.375 Adhesion (kg/cm/ oz/in) x89.285 Elongation (%) Tensile strength (kg/cm/ lbs/in) x5.6
A133 Kraft paper 0.14 /5.51 ≥0.95 /84.82 <3 ≥4.5 /25.2
A134 0.13 /5.12 ≥0.95 /84.82 <3 ≥4 /22.4
A135 0.135 /5.32 ≥0.95 /84.82 <3 ≥4 /22.4

Above data are typical values for reference only. For detailed product specifications, please contact us directly. (Weight and Thickness tolerance: ±10%,Width tolerance:±3mm,Length tolerance:Cut Roll±0.3m,Jumbo Roll ±0.5%)

Usage and Storage Instructions

As an experienced kraft paper industrial adhesive tape manufacturer and supplier in China, Shindapack provides a wide range of products, including aluminum foil adhesive tape, electrical insulating tape, PE foam double sided adhesive tape and more.

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