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PE Foam Double Sided Adhesive Tape

The double sided adhesive tape is a combination of comfortable closed-cell foam and acrylic adhesive. It offers good initial adhesive force and high ultimate adhesion to a great variety of surfaces.

1. The following types of tapes are made of white PE foam with both sides coated with solvent based acrylic adhesive.
AF6X13 double sided tape uses green colored film as the lining material to make sure the tape won't stick to itself. While AF6X03 uses red film, AF6X43, AF6X73, AF6X53, AF6X93, AF6X63 and AF6X23 use glassine paper as the lining material. All of them can be used for sticking objects such as ornaments to wood furniture or home appliance surfaces.

2. The following types of double sided adhesive tape use black PE foam as the carrier material which is then coated with solvent based acrylic adhesive on both sides.
AF6T33 uses a layer of green film to avoid sticking to itself, while AF6T23 uses red colored film. Both of them are used for bonding ornaments to interior or exterior of an automobile, and can also be used for nameplate bonding.

3. With acrylic adhesive coated on both sides of acrylic foam, AF6400, AF6800 and A66E03 double sided adhesive tapes are applicable for fixing and bonding of automotive ornaments and parts, and they are also applicable for use on aluminum plate surface and so on.

Performance Specifications
Product No. Backing material Thickness (mm/mils) Adhesion (kg/cm/ oz/in) Elongation (%) Tensile strength (kg/cm/ lbs/in)
AF6X13 PE Foam (10 times foaming) 1 /39.4 0.8 /71.4 300 12 /67.2
AF6X23 0.8 /31.5 0.8 /71.4 300 12 /67.2
AF6X03 PE Foam (15 times foaming) 1 /39.4 0.8 /71.4 200 6 /33.6
AF6X83 PE Foam 10 times foaming 2 /78.6 0.8 /71.4 250 12 /67.2
AF6X43 PE Foam 15 times foaming 1 /39.4 0.8 /71.4 200 6 /33.6
AF6X73 3 /118.1 0.8 /71.4 250 10 /56
AF6X53 1.5 /59.1 0.8 /71.4 250 10 /56
AF6X93 1 /39.4 0.8 /71.4 200 6 /33.6
AF6X63 PE Foam 20 times foaming 3 /118.1 0.8 /71.4 200 12 /67.2
AF6T33 PE Foam 15 times foaming 1 /39.4 0.8 /71.4 - 6 /33.6
AF6T23 1 /39.4 0.8 /71.4 - 6 /33.6
AF6400 Acrylic foam 0.4 /15.8 1.3 /116.1 - 0.3 /1.68
AF6800 0.8 /31.5 1.3 /116.1 - 0.62 /3.472
A66E03 1.1 /43.3 1.4 /125 - 0.72 /4.03

Above data are typical values for reference only. For detailed product specifications, please contact us directly. (Weight and Thickness tolerance: ±10%,Width tolerance:±3mm,Length tolerance:Cut Roll±0.3m,Jumbo Roll ±0.5%)

Usage and Storage Instructions

As a specialized PE foam double sided adhesive tape manufacturer and supplier in China, Shindapack also provides no-backing double sided adhesive tape, PTFE thread seal tape, aluminum foil adhesive tape, and PP strapping band, among others.

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    With conductivity, A60023 and A60033 are ideal for adhesion of conductive materials.
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