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  • Tissue Double Sided Adhesive TapeOur tissue double sided adhesive tape is applicable for variety types of materials or surfaces, such as metal, wood, plastic, glass, ceramics, rubber and so on. Following is a brief introduction on our different types of tapes.
    A63513 tape is made of tissue paper with its both sides coated with water based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. It is used for general bonding purposes.
  • PET/PVC/OPP Double Sided Adhesive TapeWe can offer double side adhesive tapes made of different types of backing materials such as PET film, PVC film and OPP film.
    The following are different types of PET double sided adhesive tape which are manufactured by coating acrylic based pressure sensitive adhesive on both sides of a PET film backing material.
  • PE Foam Double Sided Adhesive Tape AF6X13 double sided tape uses green colored film as the lining material to make sure the tape won't stick to itself. While AF6X03 uses red film, AF6X43, AF6X73, AF6X53, AF6X93, AF6X63 and AF6X23 use glassine paper as the lining material. All of them can be used for sticking objects such as ornaments to wood furniture or home appliance surfaces.
  • No-backing Double Sided Adhesive Tape We can offer four types of double sided adhesive tape without backing material. A60003 and A60013 types are ideal for sticking on metal surface, and for flexible circuit bonding. A60013 double sided tape features good resistant to high temperatures up to 200℃.
    With conductivity, A60023 and A60033 are ideal for adhesion of conductive materials.

Double Sided Adhesive Tape

Double sided adhesive tape refers to a tape with both sides adhesive. It typically uses pressure sensitive adhesive with high adhesion force to coat both sides of a backing material which can be PP film, PVC film, PET film or tissue paper. Then, the double side coated material is pressed on to release paper or film to make sure the end product is easy for peeling off.

Double sided adhesive tapes are ideal replacement of glue and paste for bonding purposes. They offer advantages such as strong adhesion force, fast adhesion and uniform thickness, and they produce no displeasing odor. They are widely used in shoes making, telephone line fixation, and racket handle production industries.

Shindapack is a specialized double sided adhesive tape manufacturer and supplier based in China. Our company also provides packing tape, industrial tape, surface protection tape, electrical insulating tape, and more.

Other Products
  • PVC Surface Protection TapePVC surface protection tape is weather resistant, and is ideal for protection of aluminium alloy, UPVC, and painted wooden window and door frames. To suit varied applications, we offer different types of products for customers to choose from. All of our protective tapes are made of soft PVC film with one side coated with rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive, and all of them are suitably plasticized and stabilized.
  • PE Surface Protection TapeOur PE surface protection tape is made using soft PE film with one side coated with rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive. It is used for material surface protection in packaging and painting industries, and is also used in electrical resistor and capacitor manufacturing process for electronic parts protection. We can offer three types of protective tapes for customers to choose from, including A57103 ...
  • Acrylic Foam Adhesive TapeThe adhesive tape uses acrylic foam as the backing material which is dual side coated with acrylic adhesive. It offers strong adhesive force, and features superior shock absorption, good sealing performance, and good cracking, high temperature and solvent resistance. Hence, the acrylic foam adhesive tape is widely used for sticking ornaments onto interior or exterior of an automobile, door frames, glass material, and so on. It can also be used for fixation of weather stripping, sealing strip, etc.
  • Masking Paper Adhesive TapeA13D03 and A13F03 are both used for parts fixation and protection purposes in manufacturing of electrical resistors and capacitors. The former can be used in a 90℃ temperature environment for continuous one hour, and the latter can be used in 160℃temperature for one hour as well.
    A53F03 masking paper adhesive tape has good resistance to a high temperature up to 250℃.
  • Cloth Backing Adhesive TapeThe adhesive tape with waterproof cloth backing material utilizes rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive to ensure high adhesive force. It can be used for temporary fixation of automotive glass, and connection of steel or metal parts. It can also be used on surfaces with oil and dust. The tape is ideal for use in harsh environments.