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Acrylic Foam Adhesive Tape

The adhesive tape uses acrylic foam as the backing material which is dual side coated with acrylic adhesive. It offers strong adhesive force, and features superior shock absorption, good sealing performance, and good cracking, high temperature and solvent resistance. Hence, the acrylic foam adhesive tape is widely used for sticking ornaments onto interior or exterior of an automobile, door frames, glass material, and so on. It can also be used for fixation of weather stripping, sealing strip, etc.

Performance Specifications
Product No. Backing Material Thickness Initial Adhesion Peeling strength Shear adhesion Applications
Material Color (mm) (kg/cm) (g/in.) (kg/in2 .)
AXW200 Acrylic foam White 0.25 <10 >150 >30 Mobile phone LCD bonding or electronic components fixation
AXZ300 Transparent 0.30 <5 >1200 >25
AXYE10 Gray 1.40 <20 >2800 >35 These are used for bonding of automotive ornaments, and fixation of name plate, automotive parts, sealing strip, electronic part and container parts.
AXYB10 1.10 <10 >2600 >35
AXYC00 1.20 <20 >2800 >35
AXYC10 1.20 <10 >2700 >35
AXWC00 White 1.20 <10 >2700 >35
AXY800 Gray 0.80 <15 >2600 >35
AXY810 0.80 <10 >2500 >35
AXWB00 White 1.10 <15 >2600 >35
AXWF00 1.50 <15 >2700 >35 These acrylic foam adhesive tapes are used for parts and accessories fixation in automobile, construction, shipbuilding, container and electronics industries.
AXW800 0.80 <15 >2500 >35
AXYA00 Gray 1.00 <15 >2700 >35
AXYA10 1.00 <10 >2600 >35
AXYG10 1.60 <20 >2800 >35
AXWK00 White 2.00 <15 >2700 >35
AXYK10 Gray 2.00 <20 >2800 >35
AXZF00 Transparent 1.50 <5 >2800 >25 The two types of transparent acrylic foam adhesive tape are used for bonding of interior ornaments, and are applicable for surfaces of billboards, glass, furniture, and more. AXZF00 can also be used for fixation of artificial nails due to its low thickness. AXZK00 is ideal for fixation of a variety of objects.
AXZK00 2.00 <5 >2200 >25
AXY400 Gray 0.40 <20 >1800 >35 These are used for fixation of ornaments to interior and exterior of an automobile, nameplate, electronic labels, and microwave ovens components.
AXY410 0.40 <10 >1800 >35
AXY6Z0 Black 0.60 <15 >1500 >35
AXZ400 Transparent 0.40 <15 >1300 >25 This adhesive tape is used for bonding of automotive parts, electronic signs, and fixation of artificial nails.
AXW400 White 0.40 <10 >1800 >35 This type is used for fixing of battery holder, and electronic components.
AXZ500 Transparent 0.50 <15 >1500 >25 The three types are used for bonding of automotive sun visor, billboards, etc., and fixing of artificial nails, glass, and electronic components.
AXZA00 1.00 <5 >2000 >25
AXZC00 1.20 <5 >2200 >25
AXZ800 0.80 <5 >1700 >25 This acrylic foam adhesive tape is used for bonding of automotive sun visor and billboards. It is also ideal for fixation of glass, electronic components, and more.

Above data are typical values for reference only. For detailed product specifications, please contact us directly. (Weight and Thickness tolerance: ±10%,Width tolerance:±3mm,Length tolerance:Cut Roll±0.3m,Jumbo Roll ±0.5%)

Usage and Storage Instructions

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