Cloth Backing Adhesive Tape

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Cloth Backing Adhesive Tape

The adhesive tape with waterproof cloth backing material utilizes rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive to ensure high adhesive force. It can be used for temporary fixation of automotive glass, and connection of steel or metal parts. It can also be used on surfaces with oil and dust. The tape is ideal for use in harsh environments.

Performance Specifications of the Cloth Backing Adhesive Tape
Product No. Backing material Thickness (mm/mils) Adhesion (kg/cm/ oz/in) Elongation (%) Tensile strength (kg/cm/ lbs/in)
A15003 Waterproof cloth 0.3 /11.81 0.6 /53.57 <12 4.1 /22.96

Above data are typical values for reference only. For detailed product specifications, please contact us directly. (Weight and Thickness tolerance: ±10%,Width tolerance:±3mm,Length tolerance:Cut Roll±0.3m,Jumbo Roll ±0.5%)

Usage and Storage Instructions

Shindapack is a professional cloth backing adhesive tape manufacturer based in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including masking paper adhesive tape, aluminum foil adhesive tape, electrical insulating tape, water based packing sealing adhesive tape, and more.

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