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PP Strapping Band

Our PP strapping band features good plasticity and high tensile strength. It is easy for use, and is applicable for automatic, semi-automatic and manual strapping machines. The PP strapping tape is available in a great variety of colors, and can also be printed with customized logo and advertising words.

Product No. Strapping method Color Mate
Width (mm) Thick
ness (mm)
Weight (kg) Tensile strength (kg) Elonga
tion (%)
B11C1 Common machinery strapping White or customized color PP 13 1.0 10 <60 <20%
B11C2 13 0.85 10 <50
B11D1 13 1.0 10 <40
B11E1 13 1.0 10 <30
B11A1 13 1.0 10 <70
B21C1 Manual strapping 15 1.5 25 <80
B21D1 15 1.5 25 <50
B21E1 Gray or customized color 16 1.2 17.5 <40
B12B1 Common machinery strapping Transparent or customized color 13.5 0.8 10 <100
B12A1 13.5 0.8 10 <130
B11A2 White or customized color 12.5 0.9 10 >100

Above data are typical values for reference only. For detailed product specifications, please contact us directly.

Usage and Storage Instructions

Shindapack is a specialized PP strapping band manufacturer in China. Our company offers a vast range of products, including galvanized steel strapping band, water based packing sealing adhesive tape, aluminum foil adhesive tape, stretch wrap film, and more.

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Other Products
  • PET Strapping BandOur PET strapping band has high tensile strength which is as much as that of galvanized steel counterparts, and two times of PP counterparts.
    As compared with galvanized steel ones, the PET one has advantages that it is flexible and soft, without sharp edges. Thus, it won't cause damage to people and the packed goods.
  • Galvanized Steel Strapping BandGalvanized steel strapping band uses cold rolled steel plate as raw material. Its lubricated surface helps reduce the friction resistance between the band and the package, thus ensuring secure strapping. Manufactured with smooth edges, the band can effectively avoid injuries to worker's hands and scratches to packages. Every one or two rolls of galvanized steel strapping tape are packed in a linen bag and then are wrapped by metal strips.