Galvanized Steel Strapping Band

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Galvanized Steel Strapping Band

Galvanized steel strapping band uses cold rolled steel plate as raw material. Its lubricated surface helps reduce the friction resistance between the band and the package, thus ensuring secure strapping. Manufactured with smooth edges, the band can effectively avoid injuries to worker's hands and scratches to packages. Every one or two rolls of galvanized steel strapping tape are packed in a linen bag and then are wrapped by metal strips.

Due to advanced processing technology and high quality steel material, the galvanized steel strapping band is corrosion and rust resistant and has high tensile strength, fire resistance, smooth surface, uniform thickness, and high surface glossiness, and meanwhile, the galvanized coating strongly adheres to the steel strip. Hence, the band is durable and aesthetical. It is ideal for bundling aluminum, magnesium and zinc ingots, wooden cases, color coated steel plates, steel strips, steel plate, steel wire, welded pipes, and more.

Performance Specifications
Product No. Material Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Weight (kg) Tensile strength (Mpa ) Elongation (%)
B25Z1 Galvanized steel 16 0.3 50 >600 <4%
B25Z2 16 0.36 50 >600 <4%
B25Z3 16 0.5 50 >600 <4%
B25Z4 19 0.5 50 >600 <4%
B25Z5 19 0.9 50 >600 <4%
B25Z6 32 0.9 50 >600 <4%

Above data are typical values for reference only. For detailed product specifications, please contact us directly.

Usage and Storage Instructions

We are a professional galvanized steel strapping band manufacturer based in China. We also provide PET strapping band, strapping buckle, semi-automatic strapping machine, electrical insulating tape, and more.

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