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  • PP Strapping BandOur PP strapping band features good plasticity and high tensile strength. It is easy for use, and is applicable for automatic, semi-automatic and manual strapping machines. The PP strapping tape is available in a great variety of colors, and can also be printed with customized logo and advertising words.
  • PET Strapping BandOur PET strapping band has high tensile strength which is as much as that of galvanized steel counterparts, and two times of PP counterparts.
    As compared with galvanized steel ones, the PET one has advantages that it is flexible and soft, without sharp edges. Thus, it won't cause damage to people and the packed goods.
  • Galvanized Steel Strapping BandGalvanized steel strapping band uses cold rolled steel plate as raw material. Its lubricated surface helps reduce the friction resistance between the band and the package, thus ensuring secure strapping. Manufactured with smooth edges, the band can effectively avoid injuries to worker's hands and scratches to packages. Every one or two rolls of galvanized steel strapping tape are packed in a linen bag and then are wrapped by metal strips.
  • Strapping BuckleWe can offer strapping buckle for use with PP, PET, and galvanized steel strapping band. PP strapping band buckles are especially designed for use with our HP74 model manual strapping machine. Buckles compatible with PET band are environmental friendly, and look aesthetical. Inner surface of this type of buckle comes with bi-directional teeth to ensure secure buckling of strapping band, and the outer surface is galvanized.
  • PP Wrapping RopeThe PP wrapping rope is ideal replacement of straw rope, hemp rope and thread rope for wrapping and bundling packages and goods. It can also be used for weaving nets, hand held basket, vest bag, and more, because of its great flexibility, light weight, environmental friendliness, and variety of colors. With high tensile strength, and good resistance to moisture, acid and alkali, our PP rope can also function as the rack in a plastic greenhouse.

Strapping Band & Buckle

Strapping band and strapping buckle are commonly used in packing industries. We can offer strapping tape made of materials like PP, PET, and galvanized steel strip. All the products are characterized by high tensile strength, good water resistance, chemical resistance, and good flexibility. They can be used in both manual packing and machinery packing industries.

Strapping band and strapping buckle are convenient to use and economical. Available in varied colors such as red, white, blue, yellow, green, and more, strapping tape is commonly used to package goods of different grades. Thus, good loading, unloading and classification is much more convenient and efficient.

As a professional strapping band & buckle manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide PP strapping band, PTFE thread seal tape, semi-automatic strapping machine, double sided adhesive tape, and more.

Other Products
  • Manual Strapping MachineManual strapping machine requires manual operation to complete the entire strapping process. Strapping buckle is necessary while using the manual machine to complete goods bundling. The manual strapping tool includes two separated parts. One is a manual tensioner to tighten the strapping band, and the other is a manual sealer to secure the strapping band using strapping buckles.
  • Semi-Automatic Strapping MachineThe semi-automatic strapping machine is able to finish strapping band dispensing, tightening and buckling automatically during the goods packing and bundling process. After tightening the strapping tape automatically, it joints the tape ends by secure heat welding.
    To suit customers' varied demands, we can supply different types of semi-automatic strapping ...
  • Packing Tape DispenserWe can offer electric packing tape dispensers working at 220V or 110V to suit your power supply requirement. The cutting length is adjustable between 13mm and 59mm, and is digital displayed, which ensures great convenience. Before loading the rolled packing tape, please make sure the inner diameter of the tape roll is 75mm, 32mm, or 25mm.
  • Carton SealerThe carton sealer is designed to seal the top or bottom of a carton using sealing tape or glue. To assure long service life, we recommend using the equipment in a dry and ventilating environment without fire source and corrosive substances. Meanwhile, periodical maintenance to the carton sealer is also necessary, which can also improve its working efficiency.