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Manual Strapping Machine

Manual strapping machine requires manual operation to complete the entire strapping process. Strapping buckle is necessary while using the manual machine to complete goods bundling. The manual strapping tool includes two separated parts. One is a manual tensioner to tighten the strapping band, and the other is a manual sealer to secure the strapping band using strapping buckles.

Our manual strapping machines are durable and easy to use. They are also convenient for maintenance. According to the compatible strapping tape, our manual strapping tools are divided into ones compatible with PP, PET, and galvanized steel strapping.

1. Manual Strapping Machine Compatible with PP Strapping Band
Product No. Specifications Tightening force Weight
HP74 16mm (5/8") 60kg 3.8kg
HP92 16mm (5/8") 60kg 3.8kg
HP99 10-12.5mm(1/2") 40kg 3.7kg
12.5-16mm (5/8")
2. Manual Strapping Tool Compatible with PET and PP Strapping Band
Product No. PET Band width Band Thickness Note
HP350 13-20mm 0.6-0.8mm Applicable for tightening PP and PET strapping band, without strapping cutting function
3. Manual Strapping Kit Compatible with Galvanized Steel Strapping Band
Product No. Specifications Band Thickness Tightening force Weight
HS-86 12.5-16mm 0.2-0.35mm 80kg 3.5kg
HS-98 12.5-16mm 0.2-0.35mm 80kg 3.8kg
HS-98-G 12.5-20mm 0.3-0.45mm 100kg 4.8kg
4. Manual Sealer
Product No. Compatible strapping band width(mm) Strapping Buckle Thickness (mm)
HC3014 13(1/2") 0.7
HC3015 16(5/8") 0.7
HC3016 20(3/4") 0.7
HC5004 13(1/2") 0.7
HC5005 13(1/2") 0.8
HC5006 16(5/8") 0.7
HC5007 16(5/8") 0.8
HC5008 20(3/4") 0.8
HC5009 20(3/4") 0.8

Above data are typical values for reference only. For detailed product specifications, please contact us directly.

Usage and Storage Instructions

Shindapack is a China-based manual strapping machine manufacturer and supplier. We provide various types of products such as semi-automatic strapping machine, acrylic foam adhesive tape, PTFE thread seal tape, and double sided adhesive tape.

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