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Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

The semi-automatic strapping machine is able to finish strapping band dispensing, tightening and buckling automatically during the goods packing and bundling process. After tightening the strapping tape automatically, it joints the tape ends by secure heat welding.

To suit customers' varied demands, we can supply different types of semi-automatic strapping machines, such as high worktable type, low worktable type, etc.

Product No. Power Min. package size (circumference) Strapping band width Strapping speed Size (L×W×H) (mm) Net Weight
HB001 high worktable 0.65Kw 60mm 6-15mm 1.5 second 895 × 565 × 735 100(kg)
HB003 low worktable 0.65Kw 60mm 6-15mm 1.5 second 1510 × 565 × 490 80(kg)

Above data are typical values for reference only. For detailed product specifications, please contact us directly.

HB001 High Worktable Type
The semi-automatic strapping machine is designed with automatic power off and adjustable cooling time functions. When the machine is not used for continuous one minute, it will be switched off automatically to save energy. The strapping band length and tightening force are also adjustable, so as to avoid damages to packages caused by over large tightening force. Meanwhile, the strapping tool is designed with a stainless steel worktable surface so as to ensure high strength and high loading capacity. In addition, it is portable, and it is very convenient for reloading strapping band.
The machine is ideal for strapping and bundling of corrugated boxes, stationery, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, newspaper, and so on.

HB003 Low Worktable Type
The semiautomatic strapping machine comes with new integrated circuit design to effectively avoid short circuit. It has an inserted circuit board for strapping action control. It features ultra low noise and high structural stability.
Meanwhile, the machine supplies automatic stop function. When it is not used for over 60 seconds, the motor will stop running automatically to save energy. This strapping tool is equipped with a new type electric hot plate to assure fast and efficient strapping, and it is commonly used for packaging of aquatic products.

Usage and Storage Instructions

As an experienced semi-automatic strapping machine manufacturer and supplier in China, Shindapack offers a wide range of products that includes packing tape dispenser, solvent based packing sealing adhesive tape, electrical insulating tape, among others.

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