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Packing Tape Dispenser

The packing tape dispenser is classified into manual and electric types, and it can be used to dispense and cut off adhesive tapes for use in varied industries.

Manual Packing Tape Dispenser
Usage Instructions

1. Make sure the adhesive side of the packing tape is facing upwards, and then pass the tape through the space between the rubber roller and the metallic frame. The rubber roller will press tightly on the adhesive tape to assure the tape keeps parallel with the roller.
2. Before cutting the tape, please make sure the cutting teeth are in an upwards orientation to avoid slicing off the tape accidentally. When you are ready to cut off the packing tape, please hold the tape dispenser tightly and then press down firmly to completely sever the tape.

Product No. Category Material Max. Tape Width (mm) Max. Tape Thickness (mm) Max. Tape Length (yard)
H111 Common type Iron 48 25 <150
H112 48 35 >200
H113 60 25 <150
H114 60 35 >200
H115 Grip type Iron+Plastic 48 25 <150

Electric Packing Tape Dispenser
We can offer electric packing tape dispensers working at 220V or 110V to suit your power supply requirement. The cutting length is adjustable between 13mm and 59mm, and is digital displayed, which ensures great convenience. Before loading the rolled packing tape, please make sure the inner diameter of the tape roll is 75mm, 32mm, or 25mm. The electric tape cutter is ideal for dispensing and cutting narrow and flexible adhesive tape.

1. Model: HZ-CUT2
2. Working voltage: 220V/50HZ 110V/60HZ
3. Power: 160W
4. Cutting length: 13mm~59mm
5. Tape width: 3mm~22mm

Usage and Storage Instructions

Shindapack is a professional packing tape dispenser manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company provides a variety of products, including semi-automatic strapping machine, PP wrapping rope, solvent based packing sealing adhesive tape, and more.

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