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With nearly 20 years of research and production experience in the packing material industry, Shinda Packing Material Company Ltd. joined with Shinda Holdings Limited in 2006, in order to provide the highest quality packing material to our national and international customers.

Our fine products include our solvent based and water based packing sealing adhesive tape, paper packing tape, PVC and PET electrical insulating tape, PVC industrial adhesive tape, aluminum foil adhesive tape, craft paper industrial adhesive tape, double side adhesive tape, surface protection tape, and strapping band. In addition to our wide variety of packing tape and protective tape products, we also offer other packing-related products, including our strapping machine, tape dispenser, carton sealer, and stretch wrapping machine. Our products are widely used for packing, sealing, and package protection in the foodstuff, electronic, chemical, building material, home appliance, furniture, and automobile part industries.

We strive to offer the highest quality products, as we strictly conform to the ISO9001 quality management system throughout every step of the manufacturing process. Aside from top quality products, we also offer outstanding customer service to all our valued clients. At Shinda, we focus on the development of new products, as well as the improvement of our existing products, so that we can continue to meet our customer's varied needs.

Shinda products are exported to the United States, Japan, and many European countries, and our market continues to expand as a result of our high quality products and services and our competitive prices.

Main Products
  • Solvent Based Packing Sealing Adhesive TapeThe solvent based packing sealing adhesive tape is crystal clear and transparent. It uses BOPP film as the backing material to ensure high tensile strength and special solvent based acrylic adhesive to assure high adhesion force. This kind of solvent based BOPP packing tape is designed for general purpose packaging, light duty carton sealing, and so on.
  • Electrical Insulating TapeElectrical insulating tape commonly uses SPVC film, chloroprene rubber film, or PE film as the backing material. It is designed to insulate electrical wires and other material that conduct electricity. Shinda electrical tape with good insulation property features superior low temperature resistance and high voltage resistance, and is flam retardant. So, it is safe to use.
  • Aluminum Foil Adhesive TapeThe adhesive tape is made using a soft, pliable and shiny aluminum foil coated with water based acrylic adhesive on one side to ensure high adhesion force. It also comes with white release paper liner for tape protection. The product flexibility and strength varies with its thickness. We can offer aluminium foil adhesive tape with varied thickness to meet customers' varied demands.
  • Double Sided Adhesive TapeDouble sided adhesive tape refers to a tape with both sides adhesive. It typically uses pressure sensitive adhesive with high adhesion force to coat both sides of a backing material which can be PP film, PVC film, PET film or tissue paper. Then, the double side coated material is pressed on to release paper or film to make sure the end product is easy for peeling off.