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  • Solvent Based Packing Sealing Adhesive TapeThe solvent based packing sealing adhesive tape is crystal clear and transparent. It uses BOPP film as the backing material to ensure high tensile strength and special solvent based acrylic adhesive to assure high adhesion force. This kind of solvent based BOPP packing tape is designed for general purpose packaging, light duty carton sealing, and so on.
  • Water Based Packing Sealing Adhesive TapeOur water based packing sealing adhesive tape is ideal for general purpose packaging, and light duty carton sealing as well. This type of packing tape is classified into Economical, Practical and Special series, and all of them offer high adhesion force due to adoption of quality water based acrylic adhesive.
  • Paper Packing TapeAs its name indicates, the Kraft paper packing tape adopts Kraft paper as the backing material which is then coated with rubber-based pressure sensitive adhesive. It offers high adhesion force and good resistance to high and low temperatures. So, it is ideal for general purpose packaging and can be used in a wide temperature range. To suit clients' demands, we supply the following types of paper packing tapes for customers to choose.
  • Stationery Adhesive TapeThe stationery adhesive tape typically uses OPP, PET or Cellophane as the backing material, and the backing material is usually coated with either acrylic adhesive or rubber adhesive. It is commonly used in offices, and is especially popular in schools. We at Shinda mainly offer tapes made using water based acrylic adhesive.
  • PVC Plastic Electrical Insulating Tape PVC plastic electrical insulating tape is applicable for jointing and splicing electrical wires and cables for insulation purpose. It is made of PVC film which is coated with rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive on one side.
  • PET Plastic Electrical Insulating TapePET plastic electrical insulating tape is manufactured for insulation and wrapping magnetic coils for electric motor, transformer, and other electrical devices.
    We at Shinda offer A24C and A24D types of electrical tapes. They are ideal for electrical insulating and electronic parts fixation purposes in transformers, motors, capacitors, voltage regulators and other ...
  • Optoelectronics Electrical Insulating TapeWe can offer different types of electrical tape. Except A63PB0 and A63P00 using non-woven film, all our other types of optoelectronics electrical insulating tape use PET film as the backing material which is then coated with acrylic adhesive with high adhesion.
    A54340 and A54610 types are single side adhesive tape usually used as mobile phone ...
  • PVC Industrial Adhesive TapeShinda offers various types of PVC industrial adhesive tape for hazard warning, identification, and pipe wrapping and bundling applications.
    Our A41_03 series industrial tapes include six types and are suitable for traffic warning sign, and pipe wrapping applications.
  • Aluminum Foil Adhesive TapeThe adhesive tape is made using a soft, pliable and shiny aluminum foil coated with water based acrylic adhesive on one side to ensure high adhesion force. It also comes with white release paper liner for tape protection. The product flexibility and strength varies with its thickness. We can offer aluminium foil adhesive tape with varied thickness to meet customers' varied demands.
  • Kraft Paper Industrial Adhesive TapeKraft paper industrial adhesive tape is mainly used for bonding the insulation foam on the condensing pipe of refrigerators and freezers. With strong self-adhesive force, it is also used in paper making and fireworks industries.
    We can offer three types of products.
  • Tissue Double Sided Adhesive TapeOur tissue double sided adhesive tape is applicable for variety types of materials or surfaces, such as metal, wood, plastic, glass, ceramics, rubber and so on. Following is a brief introduction on our different types of tapes.
    A63513 tape is made of tissue paper with its both sides coated with water based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. It is used for general bonding purposes.
  • PET/PVC/OPP Double Sided Adhesive TapeWe can offer double side adhesive tapes made of different types of backing materials such as PET film, PVC film and OPP film.
    The following are different types of PET double sided adhesive tape which are manufactured by coating acrylic based pressure sensitive adhesive on both sides of a PET film backing material.
  • PE Foam Double Sided Adhesive Tape AF6X13 double sided tape uses green colored film as the lining material to make sure the tape won't stick to itself. While AF6X03 uses red film, AF6X43, AF6X73, AF6X53, AF6X93, AF6X63 and AF6X23 use glassine paper as the lining material. All of them can be used for sticking objects such as ornaments to wood furniture or home appliance surfaces.
  • No-backing Double Sided Adhesive Tape We can offer four types of double sided adhesive tape without backing material. A60003 and A60013 types are ideal for sticking on metal surface, and for flexible circuit bonding. A60013 double sided tape features good resistant to high temperatures up to 200℃.
    With conductivity, A60023 and A60033 are ideal for adhesion of conductive materials.
  • PVC Surface Protection TapePVC surface protection tape is weather resistant, and is ideal for protection of aluminium alloy, UPVC, and painted wooden window and door frames. To suit varied applications, we offer different types of products for customers to choose from. All of our protective tapes are made of soft PVC film with one side coated with rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive, and all of them are suitably plasticized and stabilized.
  • PE Surface Protection TapeOur PE surface protection tape is made using soft PE film with one side coated with rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive. It is used for material surface protection in packaging and painting industries, and is also used in electrical resistor and capacitor manufacturing process for electronic parts protection. We can offer three types of protective tapes for customers to choose from, including A57103 ...
  • Acrylic Foam Adhesive TapeThe adhesive tape uses acrylic foam as the backing material which is dual side coated with acrylic adhesive. It offers strong adhesive force, and features superior shock absorption, good sealing performance, and good cracking, high temperature and solvent resistance. Hence, the acrylic foam adhesive tape is widely used for sticking ornaments onto interior or exterior of an automobile, door frames, glass material, and so on. It can also be used for fixation of weather stripping, sealing strip, etc.
  • Masking Paper Adhesive TapeA13D03 and A13F03 are both used for parts fixation and protection purposes in manufacturing of electrical resistors and capacitors. The former can be used in a 90℃ temperature environment for continuous one hour, and the latter can be used in 160℃temperature for one hour as well.
    A53F03 masking paper adhesive tape has good resistance to a high temperature up to 250℃.
  • Cloth Backing Adhesive TapeThe adhesive tape with waterproof cloth backing material utilizes rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive to ensure high adhesive force. It can be used for temporary fixation of automotive glass, and connection of steel or metal parts. It can also be used on surfaces with oil and dust. The tape is ideal for use in harsh environments.
  • PP Strapping BandOur PP strapping band features good plasticity and high tensile strength. It is easy for use, and is applicable for automatic, semi-automatic and manual strapping machines. The PP strapping tape is available in a great variety of colors, and can also be printed with customized logo and advertising words.
  • PET Strapping BandOur PET strapping band has high tensile strength which is as much as that of galvanized steel counterparts, and two times of PP counterparts.
    As compared with galvanized steel ones, the PET one has advantages that it is flexible and soft, without sharp edges. Thus, it won't cause damage to people and the packed goods.
  • Galvanized Steel Strapping BandGalvanized steel strapping band uses cold rolled steel plate as raw material. Its lubricated surface helps reduce the friction resistance between the band and the package, thus ensuring secure strapping. Manufactured with smooth edges, the band can effectively avoid injuries to worker's hands and scratches to packages. Every one or two rolls of galvanized steel strapping tape are packed in a linen bag and then are wrapped by metal strips.
  • Strapping BuckleWe can offer strapping buckle for use with PP, PET, and galvanized steel strapping band. PP strapping band buckles are especially designed for use with our HP74 model manual strapping machine. Buckles compatible with PET band are environmental friendly, and look aesthetical. Inner surface of this type of buckle comes with bi-directional teeth to ensure secure buckling of strapping band, and the outer surface is galvanized.
  • PP Wrapping RopeThe PP wrapping rope is ideal replacement of straw rope, hemp rope and thread rope for wrapping and bundling packages and goods. It can also be used for weaving nets, hand held basket, vest bag, and more, because of its great flexibility, light weight, environmental friendliness, and variety of colors. With high tensile strength, and good resistance to moisture, acid and alkali, our PP rope can also function as the rack in a plastic greenhouse.
  • Manual Strapping MachineManual strapping machine requires manual operation to complete the entire strapping process. Strapping buckle is necessary while using the manual machine to complete goods bundling. The manual strapping tool includes two separated parts. One is a manual tensioner to tighten the strapping band, and the other is a manual sealer to secure the strapping band using strapping buckles.
  • Semi-Automatic Strapping MachineThe semi-automatic strapping machine is able to finish strapping band dispensing, tightening and buckling automatically during the goods packing and bundling process. After tightening the strapping tape automatically, it joints the tape ends by secure heat welding.
    To suit customers' varied demands, we can supply different types of semi-automatic strapping ...
  • Packing Tape DispenserWe can offer electric packing tape dispensers working at 220V or 110V to suit your power supply requirement. The cutting length is adjustable between 13mm and 59mm, and is digital displayed, which ensures great convenience. Before loading the rolled packing tape, please make sure the inner diameter of the tape roll is 75mm, 32mm, or 25mm.
  • Carton SealerThe carton sealer is designed to seal the top or bottom of a carton using sealing tape or glue. To assure long service life, we recommend using the equipment in a dry and ventilating environment without fire source and corrosive substances. Meanwhile, periodical maintenance to the carton sealer is also necessary, which can also improve its working efficiency.
  • Pallet Wrapping MachineMH-FG-1000A automatic pellet wrapping machine is designed to wrap stretch film around the goods on a pallet. The stretch film provides the products additional support and protection during transportation and warehousing. Also, through using different types of film, the wrapped goods can be easily identified and classified. The pallet wrapper is regularly used in industries such as chemical ...
  • EPE FoamEPE foam is a new type of environmental friendly packaging material. It is made from low density polyethylene resin which is physically foamed to generate numerous independent bubbles. As compared with common foam, the expanded polyethylene foam has advantages that it is flexible and durable, and can restore its original shape simply. Meanwhile, it has light weight and high softness, but high plasticity and good impact resistance.
  • Bubble Film Bubble film is primarily made using high pressure polyethylene which is added with additives such as brighteners, etc. and then extruded at a high temperature of approx. 230℃. Through adding different types of additives in the plastic raw material, we can manufacture air bubble film products with antistatic function which are ideal for packaging and protection electronic devices and components.
  • Stretch Wrap FilmOur stretch wrap film is manufactured using high quality LLDPE as the basic material which is added with superior tackifier and then undergoes processing steps such as heating, extrusion, curtain coating, and chill roll cooling. It offers high transparency. Its light transmittance is higher than 90%, and it also has high stretch ability and elongation.
  • PTFE Thread Seal Tape Our PTFE thread seal tape has a wide range of applications, and is most commonly used for pipe thread sealing. Hence, it is also called plumber's tape. To assure convenient pipe thread sealing, the tape is cut into specified widths. Before a pipe is screwed into place, the PTFE tape should be wrapped around the exposed pipe threads. The tape dope has found wide range of applications in central heating system ...

Shinda Packing Material Company Ltd. is a packing material manufacturer located in China. Its primary products include adhesive packing tape, electrical insulating tape, industrial adhesive tape, double sided adhesive tape, and strapping band. In addition we can also supply related equipment such as strapping machine, carton sealer, and pallet wrapping machine.